Does the Jacuzzi need an specific power connection to make it function?

To allow the Jacuzzi to work only an outside safety plug is needed. Some jacuzzis operate with an 10 amp circuit breaker, others need 16 amps. The most powerful spas use a circuit breaker of 3 x 16 amp and all swim-models need a minimum of 3 x 16 amps.

In the filtration position and the sleeping mode the power consumption does not exceed the normal consumption of a pool. For more information, we advise you to contact our customer service department.

Is it possible to integrate the jacuzzi on a balcony or terrace?

It can be placed but we need to have in mind that the access to the maintenance system has to be easy.

Is it complicated to install a Jacuzzi?

We normally use the help of a crane in the most complicated sites. The cranes can lift a jacuzzi up to 40 meters high. It is also quite easy to move a Jacuzzi with a trolley, sometimes with a hoist the installation is easier.

In very difficult places the use of a crane is the only option.

How do you empty a jacuzzi?

The spa has a drainage system at the bottom of the tub and to empty it you only need to connect a hose pipe and control the water outlet.

You should bare in mind that it’s not recommended to have the spa empty for long periods of time.

Where can I find your jacuzzis?

Our shop and showroom in Vantaa offers a great expositions of jacuzzis where you can find and see the newest progress and the latest innovations that the spa’s market has had.

You can also try them personally and check their comfort and how relaxing the jacuzzi massage can be.

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