Hanscraft is one of the leading European manufacturers of outdoor hot tubs. An outdoor jacuzzi is a place for relaxation and part of a healthy and balanced life. Hanscraft outdoor hot tubs offer high-quality and durable hot tubs that bring the spa experience to your own yard. Luxury in the middle of everyday life, both for families with children and for couples who want to enjoy quiet moments together.

Attention has been paid to even the smallest details in Hanscraft’s outdoor hot tubs. The flagship Design series is a new outdoor hot tub series with a modern design. The outdoor jacuzzis of the Design series combine a Scandinavian-style, clean-lined design with a new type of exterior paneling. Every hot tub is tested at the factory before being sent to the customer.


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Hanscraft Standard 3

Ovh. 8.490 €
Monthly installments 140 €
Size 200 x 200 x 93 cm

Hanscraft Plus 1 Pro

Ovh. 9.990 €
Monthly installments 141.5 €
Size 200 x 200 x 93 cm

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Outdoor jacuzzi with TUOHI Master Card and Ecster Card. Ask more!

Hanscraft Plus 6 Pro

Full Price 11.490 €
Ovh. 9.900 €
Monthly installments 191.50 €
Size 220 x 220 x 93 cm

Hanscraft Plus 7 Pro

Full Price 11.490 €
Ovh. 9.900 €
Monthly installments 166.50 €
Size 220 x 220 x 93 cm

Hanscraft Design 3

Ovh. 13.990 €
Monthly installments 199.83 €
Size 210 x 180 x 93 cm

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Come and visit our showroom in Vantaa where you can see more than 30 models of hot tubs and swimming pools. You can even enjoy a test soak as a part of our welcoming experience.

Hanscraft Design 4

Ovh. 14.990 €
Monthly installments 233.16 €
Size 200 x 200 x 93 cm

Hanscraft Design 5

Ovh. 15.990 €
Monthly installments 266.50 €
Size 220 x 220 x 93 cm

Hanscraft ProSwim

Ovh. 28.900 €
Monthly installments 481.66 €
Size 390 x 228 x 115 cm

Useful information

What is the volume of the exterior hot tubs?
The water volume varies, depending on the size of the outdoor jacuzzi, from about 700 liters to even more than 1600 liters. The most popular models have a water volume of 1100 liters to 1300 liters.

Can an exterior hot tub be installed on a terrace or balcony?
Yes, installation is possible on the terrace and balcony. Before installation, however, you should check that the structure can withstand the total weight of the pool with water.

How long is it recommended to spend in the hot tub at a time?
The recommendation is 15 to 30 minutes.

How often should outdoor hot tub filters be replaced?
Make a regular visual inspection of the filter and wash it if necessary. It is recommended to change the filter every 12-18 months.

Modern and classic
Top design down to the details
Individual solutions
Planning help
Spa in your own yard
Reliable partner
Comprehensive warranty
Quality materials

Health benefits

The spas, indoor and outdoor, offer endless opportunities to relax at your own home every day of the year. The hot water and the powerful massage relax muscles and arteries, helping to reduce stress.

A jacuzzi is really comfortable and easy to use due to the fact that is always prepared to take a bath. Thanks to its heating system, the filtration equipment and cover the tub, you can enjoy a nice hot bath at any time of day.

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Our staff will help you find the right pool for you and give you the best tips for using the pool you have chosen.

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