Jacuzzi® hot tubs


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Jacuzzi® J-495

Ovh. 25.990 €
Monthly installments 655 €
Size 229 x 279 x 104 cm

Jacuzzi® J-375

Ovh. 16.990 €
Monthly installments 430 €
Size 231 x 231 x 97 cm

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Jacuzzi® J-365

Ovh. 15.990 €
Monthly installments 405 €
Size 231 x 214 x 97 cm

Jacuzzi® J-355

Ovh. 15.990 €
Monthly installments 405 €
Size 231 x 213 x 97 cm

Jacuzzi® J-345

Ovh. 14.990 €
Monthly installments 380 €
Size 213 x 213 x 91 cm

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Jacuzzi® J-335

Ovh. 14.990 €
Monthly installments 380 €
Size 213 x 13 x 91 cm

Jacuzzi® J-275

Ovh. 11.990 €
Monthly installments 305 €
Size 229 x 229 x 91 cm

Jacuzzi® J-280

Ovh. 11.990 €
Monthly installments 305 €
Size 231 x 231 x 94 cm

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Jacuzzi® J-245

Ovh. 10.990 €
Monthly installments 280 €
Size 213 x 213 x 91 cm

Jacuzzi® J-235

Ovh. 10.990 €
Monthly installments 280 €
Size 213 x 213 x 91 cm

The Jacuzzi® collection

Jacuzzi is the pioneer in his field and still is the largest manufacturer of spas in the market with more than 40.000 spas manufactured annually.

The Jacuzzi® products can be manufactured in the USA factory or in Italy.

The Italian collection stands out for the quality of Italian design – the collection adapts itself to the most demanding decorative solutions. It also offers a product that characterized itself by the elegance of straight lines and minimalism. All details have been designed and pampered, seeking, integration with the environment without losing any of the features that characterizes the brand.

The Jacuzzi collection from USA offers an elegant range of luxury with an American style. The USA series is made up by the models of the series J-200, J-300, J-400, J-500 and J-LX.

Jacuzzi talvi
Jacuzzi kesä

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The history of the brand

Demand of the pump was high and as well as Jacuzzi®’s visibility in the daily television show made it known to all households.

Many public figures like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and George Burns had Jacuzzi® products and promoted furthermore the awareness of the Jacuzzi® name.
Jacuzzi® brand became known really fast all over the world and also a general name to all spas.

Jacuzzin brändi

Jacuzzi® / The design

The spas from Jacuzzi® are well known for their stylish and modern design. In the design, apart from the elegance, the ergonomics and durability of materials also come into account. All of the details from the exterior and interior spas have been thought out to respect the philosophy of the brand. Jacuzzi® has 250 patents in the field of the technology of spas. The design, the powerful jets of water, the innovative technology of the jets, the quality of these spas and the advanced technology guarantees that Jacuzzi is the best brand to choose when you are thinking in buying a spa. All Jacuzzi® spas are designed for daily use and are ready to use without any previous hard heating process. On the other hand Jacuzzi® spas are installable in any type of space or garden.

Jacuzzi® USA line

Jacuzzi®s USA spa line offers American luxury and pleasure without compromising on style.
USA line has been divided J-200, J-300, J-400 and J-500 -series. The prices are in J-200 series 10.290 – 13.590 €, in J-300 series 14.900 – 19.990 €, in J-400 series 18.900 – 27.900 € and in J-500 series 29.900 €.


Jacuzzi® Italy line

This line has been designed and manufactured in Italy and represents its elegant and original style. A design able to adapt to any interior environment or even the most demanding garden. The designs of the spa series of Jacuzzi®s Italy are internationally known for their excellent quality and the benefits of their massage.

Jacuzzi Italia-mallisto
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