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Jacuzzi® J-495

Nyt 25.990 €
Monthly installments 655 €
Size 229 x 279 x 104 cm

Jacuzzi® J-375

Nyt 16.990 €
Monthly installments 430 €
Size 231 x 231 x 97 cm

Jacuzzi® J-365

Nyt 15.990 €
Monthly installments 405 €
Size 231 x 214 x 97 cm

Jacuzzi® J-355

Nyt 15.990 €
Monthly installments 405 €
Size 231 x 213 x 97 cm

Jacuzzi® J-345

Nyt 14.990 €
Monthly installments 380 €
Size 213 x 213 x 91 cm

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Jacuzzi® J-335

Nyt 14.990 €
Monthly installments 380 €
Size 213 x 13 x 91 cm

Jacuzzi® J-275

Nyt 11.990 €
Monthly installments 305 €
Size 229 x 229 x 91 cm

Jacuzzi® J-280

Nyt 11.990 €
Monthly installments 305 €
Size 231 x 231 x 94 cm

Jacuzzi® J-245

Nyt 10.990 €
Monthly installments 280 €
Size 213 x 213 x 91 cm

Jacuzzi® J-235

Nyt 10.990 €
Monthly installments 280 €
Size 213 x 213 x 91 cm

Jacuzzi® and Wellis products

Outdoor and external hot tubs bring luxury to your life. You can use it all year round, it is always ready for a bath.  It is a place for relaxation and enjoyment in the craziness of everyday life – an investment in your own well-being.

Pro Patio has been distributing and maintaining outdoor jacuzzi customers for over ten years now! Our expertise in products, operation and maintenance is top notch.

In our outdoor collection range, you will find models of all sizes, ranging from single pools to pools of more than 10 seats. Our range of pools starts from less than four thousand euros.

In our online store, you will find accessories for easy maintenance of all products. A professional support team helps our customers in all issues related to hot tub problems.

We offer 40-month financing without any down payment!

We invite you to meet our team! Our hot tubs experts are there for you during weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm.

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Why choose Pro Patio?

Free and fast delivery
The price includes transportation and water treatment chemicals
Delivery from stock within a week
Large collection
More than 50 models
All size and price ranges
Financial solutions
Financing 0%
Upto 40 moths

Health benefits

The spas, indoor and outdoor, offer endless opportunities to relax at your own home every day of the year. The hot water and the powerful massage relax muscles and arteries, helping to reduce stress.

A jacuzzi is really comfortable and easy to use due to the fact that is always prepared to take a bath. Thanks to its heating system, the filtration equipment and cover the tub, you can enjoy a nice hot bath at any time of day.

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We renewed our pricing

We decided to renew our pricing model totally so that it would be even more easier to buy spa and deal with us. Now the prices of the spas include everything needed and there will not be any unexpected additional expenses. And best of all – the average price level has fallen! All the spas will come with the power cable.
The pricesalso include the filter, thermal cover, easy to use water treatment products and cargo all over Finland.

Free delivery

The outdoor spa will be delivered by a transport company,
with whom we have cooperated for a long time. The spas will be carried with a lorry which has a tailboard that can be lifted. This way it will be easy to lower down the spa straight to ground on site. The spa is in vertical position on top of forklift pallet on delivery. Ask more specific info from our sales personal if needed.
Due to their size and weight the lorries can not deliver orders to addresses where you need to go by ferry or boat. (For example, to Aland). We always let our customers know about the possible delivery restrictions before the sending the order.

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How do you empty a jacuzzi?

The spa has a drainage system at the bottom of the tub and to empty it you only need to connect a hose pipe and control the water outlet.

You should keep in mind that it is not recommended to have the spa empty for long periods of time. The best way to keep it long-lasting is to have it filled with water and treat it with quality products.

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Get in touch

Pro Patio Oy is an AAA-rated company specialized in outdoor and indoor pools, swimming pools and hot tubs. Get high quality pools from all sizes and price ranges, from leading manufacturers worldwide. Pool supplies and maintenance are also included in our service offering.

From our extensive range of pools, we will surely also find pools suitable for your needs. Power of water!

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