Swim spas and countercurrent hot tubs

This type of hot tub allows you to swim since it operates using the countercurrent water flow. If not used for swimming these hot tubs can accommodate large number of people making them ideal offer for sports clubs, wellness centers, hotels, villas, but also for individual use.

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Hanscraft ProSwim

Ovh. 28.900 €
Monthly installments 481.66 €
Size 390 x 228 x 115 cm

The countercurrent pools or swim spas are the best solution to combine the sports with the benefits of the spa as they represent a technological advantage over the traditional pool. Their impressive countercurrent machine, is complemented by a full set of water jets and air blowers. In addition, they have a lighting system and different handles for various activities of aquatic exercise.

Swim spas do not only seek to look beautiful. It is about combining the functionality and usability they offer. The installation can be fully built-in or semi built-into the floor. In short words, a modern design, which is optimized to give a maximum comfort of its users.

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