Collection J 300


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Jacuzzi® J-375

Ovh. 21.990 €
Monthly installments 333.16 €
Size 231 x 231 x 97 cm

Jacuzzi® J-385

Ovh. 21.990 €
Monthly installments 412.30 €
Size 231 x 231 x 97 cm

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Jacuzzi® J-365

Ovh. 20.990 €
Monthly installments 316.50 €
Size 231 x 214 x 97 cm

Jacuzzi® J-355

Ovh. 20.990 €
Monthly installments 405 €
Size 231 x 213 x 97 cm

Jacuzzi® J-345

Ovh. 18.990 €
Monthly installments 299.83 €
Size 213 x 213 x 91 cm

Jacuzzi® J-335

Full Price 18.990 €
Ovh. 14.990 €
Monthly installments 249.83 €
Size 213 x 13 x 91 cm

Jacuzzi® J-325

Ovh. 11.990 €
Monthly installments 305 €
Size 193 x 213 x 86 cm


Collection J-300

Jacuzzi® is the largest manufacturer of spas in the market of hydromassage hot tubs with more than 40,000 units manufactured annually.

All jacuzzis, both interior and exterior, have their origin in the Jacuzzi brand – is the first manufacturer of spas in the world. The Jacuzzi products are manufactured in the factories of US and Italy.

The jacuzzis of the series J-300 are the spas most sold from the brand Jacuzzi. J-300 collection was improved in 2014 and has the most innovative details; powerful options of jets, plus a stylish and elegant design. All Jacuzzi from the series J-300 have the same technical characteristics, but its size, design and possibilities for massages vary from one model to another. All of this collection’s feature have valves to adjust the strength of the massage, lighted and adjustable headrests, retro illuminated cup holders, adjustable lighting and waterfall.
All Jacuzzis can be financed in easy fees.

All of our spas can be used throughout the year to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic bath.

Why choose Pro Patio?

Jacuzzi ®
Italian design
More than 400 patents
Free and fast delivery
The price includes transportation and water treatment chemicals
Delivery from stock within a week
Financial solutions
Financing 0%
Upto 40 moths

The design of the spas of the Jacuzzi® brand is unique

The spas from Jacuzzi® are well known for their stylish and modern design – both indoor and outdoor jacuzzis. In the design, apart from the elegance, the ergonomics and durability of materials also come into account. All of the details from the exterior and interior spas have been thought out to respect the philosophy of the brand.

Jacuzzi® has 250 patents in the field of the technology of spas. The design, the powerful jets of water, the innovative technology of the jets, the quality of these spas and the advanced technology guarantees that Jacuzzi is the best brand to choose when you are thinking in buying a spa.

We renewed our pricing

We decided to renew our pricing model totally so that it would be even more easier to buy spa and deal with us. Now the prices of the spas include everything needed and there will not be any unexpected additional expenses.
And best of all – the average price level has fallen! All the spas will come with the power cable.
The prices also include the filter, thermal cover, easy to use water treatment products and cargo all over Finland.

Visits out showroom, see models and speak with our specialists

Come visit out showroom in Vantaa and you will be able to see our hot tubs and the wide range of products with their different characteristics from all prices and sizes.

Our specialists are there to answer all your questions about installations and maintenance of the spa as well as about many tips about using the full potential of all features that our models offer.

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